Personalised Approach

individually prescribed exercise to optimise your health and life

With clinics in Toowong and Sherwood, Brisbane, the Bodytrack team are degree qualified Exercise Physiologists that are experts in exercise, health and fitness. We go above and beyond to provide an exercise experience that centres around you, offering exercise prescription, supervision, advice and support.

We operate on an appointment only basis in a private clinic, so you won’t be waiting for equipment or training in front of a lot of people. Our Exercise Physiologists get to know you so that we can help you to achieve a healthier and more active life!

About Bodytrack

Scientific Approach

Using the latest technology

To ensure you achieve the results you want, we make it our mission to stay up to date with the latest research, techniques, and technology. Our innovative programming and analysis technology ensures our sports Exercise Physiologists are at the forefront of the health and fitness industry and can provide our clients with the highest quality services.

Physitrack: an interactive exercise prescription tool which allows our clinical Exercise Physiologists to provide quick and effective exercise programs for our clients.

AxIT: force measurement with the Push, Pull and Stomp systems provides data on strength limitations or imbalances. Our sports Exercise Physiologists provide real-time graphs for visual feedback to understand how you’re moving and how your exercise program is helping.

Hudl: analysing movement and joint angles in a fast and mobile way

iPads, for paperless programming, offers the most efficient assessments and the ability to provide in-session education from our clinical Exercise Physiologists.

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“At Bodytrack I have found a group of professional exercise physiologists who are not only friendly and very knowledgeable about exercise but experts in improving body function. They have assisted me to lose weight, manage my type 2 diabetes and reduce my blood pressure.  I look forward to each session with Daniel and his staff.

With Bodytrack I feel fitter and stronger, they have helped me improve my life significantly.

“Several months ago I came to Bodytrack with ongoing knee problems. I had been to a host of different physios and specialist. Bodytrack was going to be the last place I tried, if it didn’t help fix my problem I was going to quit triathlon for good.

Without the help of the Bodytrack team, I would not have been able to continue the sport that I love.

Their dedication and knowledge helped me to reduce the impact of my injury on training and actually improve my performance.”