Health Professional? Refer a Patient

We take the time to understand how you experience your disability and the impact it has on your health, functioning and participation.

We use exercise to treat and manage impairments, address activity limitations and participation restrictions, while considering contextual factors. We work hard behind the scenes to positively contribute to your team, ensuring a high level of communication between everyone involved, knowing our role in achieving your goals, and building our treatment around what you need.  

In your first meeting with us, you can expect to discuss:

  • Your level of functioning
    • Level of capacity (in a standard environment)
    • Level of performance (in your usual environment)
  • Which exercise treatments and interventions you can use to maximize your functioning
    • Choice and control with individual, group, in-clinic or home exercise programs
    • Exercise as an intervention
    • Exercise for prevention
  • The expected outcomes of the treatment we provide
    • Your specific goals

We regularly review how effective you  find the interventions are in achieving your goals, using this feedback to continually improve the treatment we provide.

Services are available under self-managed, plan-managed, and agency-managed NDIS funding. Exercise Physiology services are currently provided under the Improved Health and Well-being and Improved Daily Living.

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