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Bodytrack’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists can help your sporting club or team get the edge over the competition.

With our scientific-based, professional approach, we can program or run your teams’ strength and conditioning, incorporating injury prevention and management, as well as run fitness testing and track your athletes’ progress.

Strength and Conditioning

Our expertise in exercise allows us to deliver Strength and Conditioning programs like no other. We take the time to get to know your club and the athletes in your team, before prescribing a program that will give them the sport-specific fitness to dominate the competition. Our high level of knowledge in Exercise Physiology means that our programs are not only designed to improve performance, but to prevent and manage injuries.


Our Strength and Conditioning is uniquely designed for the needs of your athletes, incorporating everything from range of movement, activation and patterning, loading phases, plyometrics, and sport-specific biomechanics. Our expertise allows us to also manage the individual needs within a team, modify programs and prescribing individual athlete development and rehabilitation as required. Without this, group Strength and Conditioning programs often lead to injuries for some athletes who need a more individualised approach. As well as working to prevent injuries, our programming can be tailored to help athletes bridge the gap between the acute phases of rehab and being ready to perform at their peak on game day.

We discuss with athletes and coaches exactly what they want to achieve and plan macro- and micro-cycle programs to help them reach their goals. We know that communication with clubs and coaches is key to getting the best results and we value working closely with all those involved with the club or team.

Our staff all have competitive sporting backgrounds in swimming, netball, rowing and triathlons, so we understand the competitive drive that is needed to get the most from athletes both in and out of the sporting arena. We bring a professional approach and enjoy becoming part of the club atmosphere and culture wherever we work.

For the best results, we recommend teams also use our fitness testing and tracking to ensure all athletes are progressing towards their fitness goals.

Fitness Testing and Tracking

We design our fitness testing around the needs of your specific sport. Including a combination of sprint, power, endurance, flexibility or skill-specific, we can tailor a fitness testing solution that is right for you. Beyond basic fitness testing, our expertise allows us to analyse athletes’ gait and fundamental movements, providing you with the specific feedback needed to help your athletes perform at their best.

Athlete testing options include:

  • Timing Gait (10,20,40m sprint, specific tests eg yoyo)
  • Horizontal and vertical power in jump
  • Walking and Running gait analysis
  • Bodycomposition assessment
  • Joint range of movement assessments
  • Fundamental movement assessements
  •  Specific strength tests
  • Specific Fitness tests.

Our fitness testing includes advice for athletes setting goals before their next testing and professionally presented data tracking for coaches and athletes to monitor progress. We discuss with you the best approach to improve your athletes’ fitness or you can let us do the work and design a strength and conditioning program for you to integrate into your training programs.

To discuss Fitness Testing or Strength and Conditioning programs for your athletes, contact us today.

Bodytrack began working with the Wests Bulldogs Rugby Colts in the 2015-16 season, programming and supervising Strength and Conditioning training. Dan and team were highly professional and personable in their approach and have easily integrated themselves into the club. We are now looking to the future and are excited to continue working with Bodytrack as we grow Wests Bulldogs Rugby Club from strength to strength.
- Graham Brown, President Wests Bulldogs Rugby Club