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Small group strength training specifically for women

Exercise like walking and Pilates are great for health, but many women neglect to include strength training in their physical activity. Particularly as we age, strength training becomes a vital component to maintain health and functional capacity.

This female-only group is suitable for 18-65yrs wanting to improve strength, body composition, or bone density. The class is limited to 6 people, to ensure adequate supervision and safety. Following an individual assessment, participants complete an 8 week program before reassessment and updated prescription based on the results. This group is particularly benefit for women with pelvic pain conditions, prolapse or pelvic floor weakness, peri/post-menopause and those looking to improve their functional capacity.

Training under the guidance and supervision of our Exercise Physiologists will ensure you achieve optimal results while exercising safely at your individual capacity. Up to date session times available via the Group Exercise Timetable. Service is eligible for private health rebates.

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