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My treatment with Bodytrack Exercise Physiology has been transformative in my life. Not only has my knee stopped being painful but I have become fitter   Now I can easily walk to the shops, go shopping and visit galleries without pain.

They fixed my back after over 10 years chronic pain.
The whole experience is fantastic with friendly & qualified personnel, great music & off street parking.

Very professional, yet personal attention by caring, experienced and clearly knowledgeable staff, supported by friendly, efficient admin and an interactive app that allows staff to design and communicate your personalised program, with progressive updates, and each client to enter their completion of each element of the program, in real time, with provision for giving feedback at each step as needed.
Anticipate having, and working with, a committed partner on your health/fitness journey – thoroughly recommended!

I met Nicole at a survivorship workshop for cancer patients nearing the end of their treatment and began working with her to help recover my strength and fitness following chemotherapy and radiation, as well as preparing myself for a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Nicole’s understanding of my journey and treatment and recommended program filled me with confidence and as well as beginning to immediately notice an improvement in my physical health I also noticed an improvement in my mental health – for the first time there was part of my cancer journey that I could control!

Nicole is clearly expert in her understanding of the use of exercise as a treatment for cancer, and combined with her empathy and passion, our sessions have not only significantly improved my surgical recovery, but been something that I look forward to. I just wish I had started earlier!

I have been going to Bodytrack for at least 6 years. I would probably not be walking today is it wasn’t for Dan. He is truly a professional who knows his stuff and he genuinely loves helping his clients. Amazing young man.

Patrick has converted a  “can’t be any worse” client to a firm believer.  Through Patrick’s calm, kind approach and gentle encouragement, my lumpy back has straightened and I’m highly delighted.  All the exercises he has has chosen for me to strengthen my weakened muscles (caused by spinal operations last year) have worked.  My posture is straight, my legs are strong and I’m committed to continuing with his regime, working on my core.

Bodytrack began working with the Wests Bulldogs Rugby Colts in the 2015-16 season, programming and supervising Strength and Conditioning training. Dan and team were highly professional and personable in their approach and have easily integrated themselves into the club. We are now looking to the future and are excited to continue working with Bodytrack as we grow Wests Bulldogs Rugby Club from strength to strength.

After finishing my treatment for breast cancer I needed some help to put my life back on track, where better to go than “Bodytrack”(pardon the pun). Elisha’s Heartmoves group has certainly helped me do this, all the staff are so friendly and make you feel like part of the family.

Being a national level swimmer, the health of my joints and muscles is extremely important. I started going to Bodytrack about 10 months ago, for the rehabilitation of a lower back injury that had forced me to stop swimming and I have never looked back! With specialised exercises designed to strengthen and stabilise my key swimming muscles, I have been pain-free for over 6 months and I am back training and competing at my best. Thank you so much Dan, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t still be swimming!

I enrolled in Bodytrack’s first Type 2 Diabetes exercise program after seeing my diabetic educator as I was looking for some exercise guidance. The program was just what I needed! The exercise was tailored to each person’s needs and alternate exercises offered if required. The information sessions at the end of each session were interesting and informative. By attending these sessions as a group it allowed for sharing of experiences and talking with others learning how to manage our type 2 diagnosis!

It was very obvious how much my blood sugar reading dropped after completing the exercise sessions. I enjoyed the program and the support provided by all the team so much that I have since completed two maintenance programs!! I have also just enrolled for a 4th exercise group as a part of my diabetes care plan package. It keeps me motivated and inspired to keep on exercising! The helpful home exercise programs are great as they are individually designed for each person’s unique requirements.

In July 2015 I started training sessions at Bodytrack with Exercise Physiologist Dan Harth to help prepare by body for a total right hip replacement. Having already had a total left hip replacement 2 years earlier I knew that this training would help with my recovery and rehabilitation. With Dan’s knowledge and care I’ve returned to 100% full mobility and I continue to attend weekly training to improve on all areas of physical movement.

Bodytrack is a friendly, efficient and professional organization that genuinely puts the health and wellbeing of their clients first. From my point of view, it’s not until you lose the ability to move that you realize how important it is to your health.

Bodytrack and Reload have partnered for over 7 years in corporate health, training and  rehabilitation. Bodytrack’s experienced and qualified staff offer a unique corporate health component to our staff wellbeing focus. From general exercise  physiology  and  ergonomic  assessments  through  to  strength  and conditioning, Bodytrack will remain a great health partner of Reload for years to come.

In 2007, Mitchell Brandtman made the decision to start group exercise sessions at Bodytrack, because the health and happiness of our team is important to us and we wanted to offer something ‘extra’. We find that participants in the group sessions enjoy working out with their teammates which makes for better working relationships and the positive change to their level of fitness is an added bonus.

The team at Bodytrack are continually evolving our sessions, providing health and fitness advice, and keeping the team motivated. They put us through regular fitness testing which quantifies our progress and have even assessed our ergonomic office set up. We look forward to a continued partnership with Bodytrack as our health and fitness provider.

Our group sessions with Bodytrack mid-week are great because we are able to interact with colleagues outside of the office environment and have some fun, as well as the health and wellness benefits. The sessions provide accountability that motivates us to go along each week and receive expert advice to improve ergonomics, energy levels and ultimately, productivity. It’s also great partway through a tough week to be able to unwind and let it out with a boxing session!

Several months ago I came to body track with ongoing knee problems. I had been to a host of different physios and specialist. Bodytrack was going to be the last place I tried, if it didn’t help fix my problem I was going to quite triathlon for good.

Bodytrack changed the way in which I thought about the way I used my body and the different factors that influenced my performance and ability.  Since working with Daniel from Bodytrack my injuries have subsided and my performance and ability have both increased.

Each of my programs from Bodytrack have been tailored to me and have ensured that I gain the most out of every session. The initial consultation was done with this in mind and Daniel took me through a number of tests to ensure that he had all the information to write the best possible program. This tailored and measured approach not only makes you feel like and individual but shows you that the team a Bodytrack really want you to succeed and improve.

When asked to describe bodytrack I tell my friends and family that it is like having a personal trainer and physiotherapist rolled into one. The staff at Bodytrack are all exercise physiologists and have an intimate knowledge of the human body.  They also have the ability to motivate and improve your performance. Having spent a lot of time and money at physios and with a wide array of trainers and coaches I can say that hands down Bodytrack is the best value for money out of any training program.

Without the help of Daniel I would not have been able to continue the sport that I loved. His dedication and knowledge allowed me to develop increase levels of performance and reduce my levels of injury. So thank you to Daniel and the very supportive team at Bodytrack.

, joined 2013

I was drawn to Bodytrack because I was looking for a more personal and science based approach to my physical fitness.

From my first session I was very impressed with Daniel’s knowledge and approach to training. As part of my initial consultation he quickly recognised a few key areas of muscle imbalance in my body which were causing me issues that I had just learnt to live with. Daniel tailored a program to my fitness goals which included the targeting of those muscle imbalances specifically. This was exactly the approach I was looking for and the results I achieved with the first few months of intensive training with Daniel were excellent. The pain and soreness I suffered from the muscle imbalances, particularly across my chest, shoulders and back, was greatly reduced by that initial period of training.

My initial session was in 2009 and since then I have continued to work with Daniel as I have achieved and surpassed my initial goals. I have always found Bodytrack to be very responsive to my individual training needs. In particularly the way I have been supported while I am away from Brisbane. My work frequently takes me away, including two periods of 6 months each over the past three years, but I have always had a training program for my travels. This would always suit the gym facilities I would have access to.

If I ever had a question regarding a particular exercise or wanted to make a change, Daniel was always available via email. I believe this has contributed significantly to the achievement of my goals.

Over the last three years I have been very happy with my steady improvement in all areas of my fitness and have no hesitation in strongly recommending Bodytrack to anyone who is serious about their physical fitness and overall health and well-being.

, joined 2009

At Bodytrack I have found a group of professional exercise physiologists who are not only friendly and very knowledgeable about exercise but experts in improving body function. They have assisted me to lose weight, improve my type 2 diabetes and reduce my blood pressure.

With Bodytrack I feel fitter and stronger, they have helped me improve my life significantly. I look forward to each session with Daniel and his staff.

, joined 2010