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Exercise can improve your physical and mental health
before, during and after cancer treatment.

Exercise is medicine for cancer and at Bodytrack we provide an exercise experience that becomes the medical appointment you look forward to. Our clients love the sense of control and achievement they get from exercise, regardless of how little or how much they’re able to do on any given day. Our private clinic is social and supportive, while providing the ideal environment given the effects that cancer treatment can have on the immune system. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists have the training and experience to prescribe and deliver exercise programs that can optimise your physical and mental wellbeing.

How does exercise help with Cancer?
People with cancer who exercise regularly have fewer and milder side effects from their treatments and are therefore more likely to be able to complete the full course of treatment. This includes feeling less tired and distressed, being better able to continue normal activities and feeling better about their quality of life. Exercise also supports immune function and can reduce the risk of co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, which can develop following treatment. Research suggests exercise may help lower the chances of cancer coming back and may help you live longer.


How much exercise is recommended?
It’s recommended that all people with cancer avoid inactivity, return to normal daily activities as soon as possible following diagnosis and incorporate exercise into their care plan. Exercise should be tailored to your individual abilities noting that specific adaptations may be required based on any adverse treatment effects you experience, the progression of the cancer and your overall health status. 


How much will it cost?
We work with you to develop an exercise program that will suit your lifestyle and your budget. Choose from our Private Exercise Physiology sessions, Exercise Physiology Consultations, or Group Exercise Physiology. You can also speak to your doctor about your eligibility for referral under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Plan.

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