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Most people spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it’s easy to see why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is so important. Corporate Group Exercise sessions are a great way to improve the health of employees while boosting team morale and reducing stress.

Increased productivity is another benefit of corporate wellness. Employees who are happy and healthy tend to produce a greater volume of work at a higher quality than unhealthy employees. Employers are now realising that taking time out of the working day to implement programs that improve fitness and lower stress levels will increase the overall output of their employees.

Bodytrack’s Corporate Group Exercise sessions are tailored to suit the need of your business.

Based on the number of employees, type of work, available times and location, we will design a group exercise program that will benefit your company. Whether you have space in your workplace or want to use our private fitness studio, if you want to attend once each week or everyday, we take the time to get to know your business before developing a health solution.


Our group exercise sessions are evidence-based, so you can trust that your employees will see the benefits. We make our sessions high-energy, motivating and fun, while always maintaining an individual aspect to ensure everyone gets the attention they need.

Contact us today to discuss a group exercise solution that is right for your business.


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Our group sessions with Bodytrack mid-week are great because we are able to interact with colleagues outside of the office environment and have some fun, as well as the health and wellness benefits. The sessions provide accountability that motivates us to go along each week and receive expert advice to improve ergonomics, energy levels and ultimately, productivity. It’s also great partway through a tough week to be able to unwind and let it out with a boxing session!
- Sahlia Painter, Reload Media