Health Professional? Refer a Patient

Exercise Physiologists play a vital role in helping workers stay at or return to work after an injury.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists:

  • Treat and manage the clinical care of the injury/illness
  • Promote autonomy for active rehabilitation strategies at home and at work
  • Support proactive strategies for remaining at or returning to work in a timely manner
  • Provide precise and open communication with treating medical doctors/specialists, the employer and all relevant parties involved in the claim
  • Provide education for risk minimisation and sustainable return to work outcomes

Bodytrack Exercise Physiology believes in a holistic approach to occupational health as our work takes up a majority of our time, not only daily but over many years of our life. Work means more than our assigned tasks – it shapes our identity and any change to our ability to work may impact our psychological health.

Bodytrack’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist’s regularly treat workers for musculoskeletal rehabilitation on a range of work related injuries. Through an integrated approach of science and an evidenced based practical experience Bodytrack can bridge the gap between the acute stages of injury and a safe and sustainable return to work.

As every Work Cover, Income Protection and CTP claim is different, please contact us for specific information about handling your claim.