Health Professional? Refer a Patient

Obtain data on the health status of your business – identifying employees at high, moderate or low risk of injury and chronic health conditions.

We design our health and fitness testing around the needs of your employees, incorporating everything from posture and ergonomic assessments, strength and cardiovascular fitness, and risk of injury and chronic disease. Our professionally presented data can be distributed to both individuals and the business to provide you with a clear picture of your employees’ health.


Corporate health testing options include:

  • Physical activity assessment
  • Sitting and standing posture analysis
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Fundamental movement assessments
  • Work-specific fitness tests
  • T2DM/Cardiovascular disease risk assessment
  • Body Composition analysis

Once you know the health status of your business, it’s time to start improving it! We use assessments to guide our recommendations for Education and Interventions and Corporate Group Exercise so that we can help you find solutions for your corporate health needs.

In 2007, Mitchell Brandtman made the decision to start group exercise sessions at Bodytrack, because the health and happiness of our team is important to us and we wanted to offer something ‘extra’. We find that participants in the group sessions enjoy working out with their teammates which makes for better working relationships and the positive change to their level of fitness is an added bonus.
The team at Bodytrack are continually evolving our sessions, providing health and fitness advice, and keeping the team motivated. They put us through regular fitness testing which quantifies our progress and have even assessed our ergonomic office set up. We look forward to a continued partnership with Bodytrack as our health and fitness provider.
- Michael Ivey, Partner at Mitchell Brandtman