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An exercise and education group class for people with Diabetes, run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.


Am I eligible?

P1000022Any person with a diagnosis of Diabetes are eligible to participate, and may be able to access private health rebates.

Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus are eligible to be referred by their GP to our Diabetes Group Classes, which provides 1x individual initial assessment (bulk-billed) followed by 8x Medicare-subsidised group classes.

Speak to your GP or contact us to arrange a referral.

What's Included?

Individual Initial Assessment (with referral)
Education Pack
  Cardiovascular and Resistance Exercise
  Education and Group Discussions
Home Exercise Program

Education Topics
Blood glucose monitoring
Dietary considerations
Exercise strategies
Associated health care concerns
Strategies for change

What are the benefits?

Participants have achieved an average decrease of 2.28 mmol/L in their BGL levels and an average reduction of 2% body fat over their 8 week program. Individuals in the program also improved in strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and flexibility.


Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are experts in prescribing exercise to manage diabetes, so you can feel safe exercising under their supervision and knowing you are doing the right exercise for your body.

Education throughout the sessions will build your understanding of the effect exercise has on the body and how to manage food consumption, exercise and blood glucose levels effectively. 

The role of social support for exercise adherence and management of health conditions is well documented. The group creates a fun and supportive environment to share experiences and learn from others managing a type 2 diagnosis. 

Cost & Booking

Initial Assessment

With GP referral*: Bulk-billed 

Without referral: $135 (private health rebates may apply)

Group Classes

With GP referral*: $25 per session (Medicare Rebate of $18.65) for 8 sessions

Without referral: $25 per session (private health rebates may apply)

* People with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus are eligible for a GP referral for services



Time and start date dependent on patient availability – check our Group Exercise Timetable for the current class times.

Referrals should be faxed to Bodytrack by the GP.

Call 3870 4119or BOOK ONLINE.


I enrolled in Bodytrack’s first Type 2 Diabetes exercise program after seeing my diabetic educator as I was looking for some exercise guidance. The program was just what I needed! The exercise was tailored to each person’s needs and alternate exercises offered if required. The information sessions at the end of each session were interesting and informative. By attending these sessions as a group it allowed for sharing of experiences and talking with others learning how to manage our type 2 diagnosis!

It was very obvious how much my blood sugar reading dropped after completing the exercise sessions. I enjoyed the program and the support provided by all the team so much that I have since completed two maintenance programs!! I have also just enrolled for a 4th exercise group as a part of my diabetes care plan package. It keeps me motivated and inspired to keep on exercising! The helpful home exercise programs are great as they are individually designed for each person’s unique requirements.

- Karen O’Neill