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What you should know before exercising at home while pregnant.

considerations for pregnancy during covid-19

It’s important to note that there’s no evidence of transmission from mum to bub, but cases are limited. Doctors are instead asking expecting mothers to consider the difficulty in caring for you in hospital if you do contract COVID-19. Trying to have a baby in a hospital that is overcapacity with people suffering from COVID-19 is also problematic, so if it’s not absolutely essential, don’t go out.

Maintaining your health and fitness while staying at home can be a challenge. With the recent closure of gyms, we have seen an increase in the number of fitness apps and home exercise programs. What these apps offer is the ability to exercise in the comfort of your own home. They enable you to exercise whilst bub sleeps, reduce the need for a babysitter and reduce the amount of travel time to and from the gym, meaning more time for you!

are fitness apps safe to use during pregnancy? 

What they don’t offer is individualisation, adaptation and supervision. Why is this important? All pregnancies are different and so are our bodies. Exercise Physiologists who have a special interest in Women’s Health will not only be able to determine which types of exercise are safe for you, but also, which are most effective from an evidence-based perspective. When using an app, there is no one on the other end to watch the way your body moves, to provide adaptations to an exercise if it isn’t right for you or to monitor your symptoms.

As you’re no doubt aware, your body responds differently while pregnant and after giving birth. This means that exercise that is suitable for the general population or that you might have been doing prior to pregnancy, may no longer be suitable for you. Bodytrack’s Women’s Health expert answered your questions about Exercise During Pregnancy and highlighted how exercise recommendations change during each trimester, as well as after giving birth.

exercise right for pregnancy

With the advances in our technology, you can now get the best of both worlds. Your trusted experts in exercise are now more accessible than ever and can deliver an individually prescribed exercise program straight to you at home. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional who prescribes exercise for preventing and managing chronic diseases and injuries, as well as improving health and performance. Exercise Physiology has been highlighted by the government as an essential service and we continue to operate in clinic, outdoors and via telehealth. Bodytrack’s Virtual Exercise Physiology clinic gives you the piece of mind that you are exercising right for you and your pregnancy.

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