Health Professional? Refer a Patient

Several months ago I came to body track with ongoing knee problems. I had been to a host of different physios and specialist. Bodytrack was going to be the last place I tried, if it didn’t help fix my problem I was going to quite triathlon for good.

Bodytrack changed the way in which I thought about the way I used my body and the different factors that influenced my performance and ability.  Since working with Daniel from Bodytrack my injuries have subsided and my performance and ability have both increased.

Each of my programs from Bodytrack have been tailored to me and have ensured that I gain the most out of every session. The initial consultation was done with this in mind and Daniel took me through a number of tests to ensure that he had all the information to write the best possible program. This tailored and measured approach not only makes you feel like and individual but shows you that the team a Bodytrack really want you to succeed and improve.

When asked to describe bodytrack I tell my friends and family that it is like having a personal trainer and physiotherapist rolled into one. The staff at Bodytrack are all exercise physiologists and have an intimate knowledge of the human body.  They also have the ability to motivate and improve your performance. Having spent a lot of time and money at physios and with a wide array of trainers and coaches I can say that hands down Bodytrack is the best value for money out of any training program.

Without the help of Daniel I would not have been able to continue the sport that I loved. His dedication and knowledge allowed me to develop increase levels of performance and reduce my levels of injury. So thank you to Daniel and the very supportive team at Bodytrack.