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I was drawn to Bodytrack because I was looking for a more personal and science based approach to my physical fitness.

From my first session I was very impressed with Daniel’s knowledge and approach to training. As part of my initial consultation he quickly recognised a few key areas of muscle imbalance in my body which were causing me issues that I had just learnt to live with. Daniel tailored a program to my fitness goals which included the targeting of those muscle imbalances specifically. This was exactly the approach I was looking for and the results I achieved with the first few months of intensive training with Daniel were excellent. The pain and soreness I suffered from the muscle imbalances, particularly across my chest, shoulders and back, was greatly reduced by that initial period of training.

My initial session was in 2009 and since then I have continued to work with Daniel as I have achieved and surpassed my initial goals. I have always found Bodytrack to be very responsive to my individual training needs. In particularly the way I have been supported while I am away from Brisbane. My work frequently takes me away, including two periods of 6 months each over the past three years, but I have always had a training program for my travels. This would always suit the gym facilities I would have access to.

If I ever had a question regarding a particular exercise or wanted to make a change, Daniel was always available via email. I believe this has contributed significantly to the achievement of my goals.

Over the last three years I have been very happy with my steady improvement in all areas of my fitness and have no hesitation in strongly recommending Bodytrack to anyone who is serious about their physical fitness and overall health and well-being.