Health Professional? Refer a Patient

I enrolled in Bodytrack’s first Type 2 Diabetes exercise program after seeing my diabetic educator as I was looking for some exercise guidance. The program was just what I needed! The exercise was tailored to each person’s needs and alternate exercises offered if required. The information sessions at the end of each session were interesting and informative. By attending these sessions as a group it allowed for sharing of experiences and talking with others learning how to manage our type 2 diagnosis!

It was very obvious how much my blood sugar reading dropped after completing the exercise sessions. I enjoyed the program and the support provided by all the team so much that I have since completed two maintenance programs!! I have also just enrolled for a 4th exercise group as a part of my diabetes care plan package. It keeps me motivated and inspired to keep on exercising! The helpful home exercise programs are great as they are individually designed for each person’s unique requirements.