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B ExSS, M CEP, ESSAM Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Through my participation in team sport and running communities, I saw how large the impact of exercise and movement can be on our physical and mental wellbeing, and how it positively influences our communities. This motivated me to work in a role where I can connect with people, provide support and motivate them on their individualised movement journey.   Mackenzie completed the Bachelor in Exercise Science and Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Flinders University, where she grew passionate about fostering a holistic approach to treatment for all clients. She has experience working within clinical rehabilitation wards, specialised neurological fitness studios and private clinics. Mackenzie’s positive & bubbly personality helps to create an enjoyable, motivating and supportive exercise environment. Mackenzie is particularly interested in neurological rehabilitation, and using evidence-based techniques to train both the brain and body during her sessions.