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How Exercise Physiologists Can Change Lives

 It is widely accepted that exercise increases your quality of life. A well-directed exercise program by an exercise physiologist can lead an individual towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Assistance from a health professional can help develop good health patterns and gradually break away from harmful habits.

What are Exercise Physiologists?

The term “exercise physiologist” refers to specialist trainers who can assist with rehabilitation, special populations and metabolic syndromes, as well as exercise and fitness. Exercise physiologists have completed a University Degree and attained over 400hrs clinical experience to become a practicing Accredited Exercise Physiologist under a head body (ESSA).

Their expertise goes beyond exercise plans, as each specific exercise solution provides a more in-depth approach, including nutritional advice and guidance for healthy habits. They usually work within a private studio or clinic and have a deep understanding of the human body and what makes it work. They also liaise with other health professionals to ensure every facet of your health is considered.

 Life Changing Professionals

Exercise physiologists have the ability to inspire and motivate individuals in achieving their fitness and health goals, whatever they may be.

Good exercise plans naturally contribute in weight loss, but one of the most interesting discoveries is the rising number of cancer recovery patients that benefit from healthy activity regimens. Through effective fitness routines, it was found that cancer patients had better chances to regain their strength and health.

Obesity is another chronic condition by which exercise physiologists can give long term benefits through promotion of appropriate health patterns.

Exercise Physiologists are also experts in exercise prescription for healthy populations to improve health and well being.

In Brisbane, the exercise physiologists at Bodytrack have the skills and experience to help you lead a happy and healthy life. University educated and with the skills to help you improve your health in every aspect of your life, an exercise physiologist is more than a personal trainer.

For more information on how an effective exercise plan can significantly improve your life, make an enquiry with Bodytrack today.