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Stair climbing is fast becoming a popular exercise across Brisbane. Mainly because in most places it is free to do and it is hugely beneficial for your health. It also helps that there happens to be lots of stairs to climb that are dotted across the city, which is another reason for the sharp rise in uptake among the activity.

Many runners have started to take up the exercise as climbing stairs forces you to work against gravity, which helps build two essential needs for runners – strength and power. Regular stair climbers will benefit from improved cardiovascular fitness, a stronger musculoskeletal system, reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity and type two diabetes. Stair climbing can also help promote weight loss and boost muscle tone. It is a safe and easy exercise and can very easily be introduced into your daily life, particularly for people living within urban environments.

Stair climbing burns about twice as many calories as many other sports and activities. You might also be surprised to hear that it is an all over body work out, as you use your arms to pull you up on the hand rails, helping them to tone up, whilst your cardiovascular system is being worked hard the higher you go, therefore increasing your stamina and lung capacity.

If stair climbing sounds like an exercise you might be interested in starting, it is always recommended that you consult your GP or a fitness expert beforehand. Bodytrack is a Brisbane based company that employs exercise physiologists who are experts in creating, implementing and evaluating an exercise program suitable for all levels. This will enable you to start your regime safely, while being monitored by an expert.

If you are looking to get involved, the following are the top five stair climbs in Brisbane:

Appleby Rd, Stafford Heights

Off Appleby Road in Stafford Heights, located on Brisbane’s Northside, these stairs can be accessed by car or foot. If you are driving to the location you can leave your car on Caratel Street before embarking on your exercise. There are 67 steps all together, with three landings in between to give you a bit of breathing space. Make sure you take your own water, as there are no taps nearby.

 Arana Hills, Nulty Way Steps

In Arana Hills you will find a rather long set of uneven steps called Nulty Way, which can be found leading from Plucks Rd up to the library on Cobbity Cres. The steps themselves are shaded and while no one has ever thought to count exactly how many there are, take it from us, you will get a decent workout!

 Kangaroo Point, Kangaroo Point Stairs

If you are looking for a set of stairs to climb alongside a magnificent view, then get down to Kangaroo Point. There are 107 steps located at the eastern end of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. You access them from the cafe or for dedicated fitness fanatics out there, what about running the 3k from the city as a warm up?

 The Gorge Discovery Circuit, Springwood

The Gorge Discovery Circuit is made up of 132 steps of all different heights and depths, made even more challenging with the uneven ground. The track can be accessed from Plateaus Drive which you will find off Springwood Road.

 Waterfront Place, Brisbane

For the real fitness fanatics out there, you can tackle Waterfront Place, which has 810 stairs across 37 floors. You can attempt the challenge in the Climb for Cancer event hosted each year. The record for climbing the stairs is 3.35 minutes, so why not get training around Brisbane and take on the ultimate stair climb achievement!

 For more ideas or to get help with stair training, get in touch with Bodytrack today.