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Circuit training refers to the form of weight or resistance training in which the volume of exercising is maximised to gain desirable results in a short time span. The main aspect of circuit training is that there is minimal rest in between the exercises being done so that the body is pushed to move aerobically while testing the strength of the individual.

Circuit training is highly beneficial for fitness as it involves performing multiple exercises on different parts of the body at the same time, with little rest. Therefore, within a short span of time, one can increase overall strength, lose weight and gain muscle mass. Moreover, circuit training is action packed and can be personalised to suit individual requirements and goals.

Those individuals looking for circuit training in Brisbane have several options as there are numerous fitness centers offering such training. One of these, the Bodytrack fitness studio in Brisbane, provides personalised circuit training exercises to individuals looking for overall increased fitness and strength.

These exercises include vertical and horizontal training. The vertical training involves doing one set of various types of exercises before returning to do the consecutive sets. The horizontal training on the other hand involves performing one exercise at a time, completing all the sets of a particular exercise before moving onto the other.

The centre for fitness training in Brisbane lists the various benefits of circuit training offered to clients. These include elevated cardiovascular effort due to the increased heart rate while exercising, muscle gain due to resistance training and high amount of calories burnt due to high exertion sets of exercises.

Circuit training also provides the benefit of working on all body parts in succession and separate cardiovascular and resistance training are not required. The time spent on exercising is shortened and the training may not be pursued every day.

Circuit training has long term benefits as well because being a form of interval training it enhances the calorie burning capability of the body even while it is resting. The level of oxygen consumed during and post the exercise session increases in case of circuit training, because while exercising the heart rate increases, while when at rest, it returns to a rate slightly higher than the normal one. This form of interval training provides elevated levels of oxygen consumption, which in turn enhances the amount of calories burnt in a day. Loss of weight and elevated lean body mass are other benefits of circuit training.