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Strength training is the use of resistance (whether your own body weight, thera-bands or weights) to produce a muscular contraction in order to build strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscle.  Strength training is an important part in any individuals exercise routine.  Consultation with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist before implementation of a strength training program is crucial.

The benefits of strength training do not only rest with ‘toning’ up, there are a number of positive health benefits that you will receive from a regular strength training session, which include;

  • Increase in both muscle strength and mass.
  • Increased resting metabolic rate – aiding in weight loss and maintenance of a healthy body weight.
  • Improvements in muscle imbalances.
  • Reduces resting blood pressure.
  • Assists in prevention of diabetes.
  • Increased Bone mineral density (therefore a reduced risk of osteoporosis).

Resistance training will have positive effects upon your body, your self esteem and your self confidence.  Implementation of strength and conditioning training program into a weekly exercise routine can be completed by any person at any age, with the correct guidance from a Exercise Physiologist.  In all cases strength training can be enjoyed and performed safely with the correct technique and supervision.

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