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As we age it’s inevitable that our bone mineral density will decrease after maturation.  With a reduction of bone mineral density our bones become more brittle and easier to break.  Load bearing exercise is proven to reduce the rate of bone loss as we age.  Below are simple load bearing exercises which can be done at home.

Note:  It is important to consult an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to make sure you have the right technique and are physically able to do the exercises before you try the following.

Full or kneeling pushup:

Full pushup:  Lying on your stomach.  Put the palms of your hands on the ground just wider than and in line with your shoulders.  Trying to keep a plank from your head to toes, push your body up off the ground with your hands until your arms are fully extended.  Only your hands and toes should be touching the ground.  Then bend your elbows until they reach approximately 90 degrees and pushup again.  Repeat until you feel fatigued or you can no longer hold the plank.

Kneeling Pushup:  Similar to the full pushup, however keep a plank from your head to your knees.  Only your hands and knees should be touching the ground

Weighted Squats:  The squatting technique should be similar to sitting back into a chair without using your arms.  Keep your weight through your heels, trying not to let your knees go over your toes, sit your bottom back until your knees are bent approximately 90 degrees.  Keeping your back in as neutral position as possible, push up through your heals and squeeze your backside muscles until you’re in a standing position.  Repeat until you are fatigued or can no longer hold the technique.  To increase the load bearing, try holding weights in each hand.

There are many exercises which are great for load bearing.  If you would like any more information about what the right exercises are for you, please contact an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for professional guidance.