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Integrative Wellness is one of the latest trends in the health and fitness industry. It is an exercise philosophy that focuses on the benefits of working out at a specific time during the day. Whether one chooses to work out in the morning, lunch time, afternoon or evening, it is ultimately valuable to be committed to a regular fitness regime.

What is Integrative Wellness?

The term Integrative Wellness refers to integrating your workout schedule into your lifestyle, with a focus on completing exercises throughout specific times of the day. Research has found that exercising at certain times offers a number of health benefits. Below are just a few:

In the Morning

  • Gives a kick start to the body’s metabolism, which aids in burning calories throughout the day
  • Promotes more consistency in accomplishing exercise routines
  • Brightens up your mood and contributes to an optimistic outlook for the day
  • Regarded as the most effective time to lose weight
  • Provides more energy for the rest of the day

During the Afternoon

  • Muscles are warmer and this paves the way for more intense work outs
  • The body is more open to varied exercise activities due to increased dexterity (stronger grip, better lunges, squats and jumps)
  • Relieves early morning stresses, as workouts give the brain a boost for the later part of the day
  • Can regulate patterns of food intake, since individuals may tend to avoid consuming overly indulgent lunches
  • Better opportunity to have a companion while working out

Throughout the Evening

  • Has lesser distractions as the business of the day has already passed
  • Clears the mind from the chaos that may have ensued during the day
  • Individuals sleep better after rigorous training
  • Gives the chance to burn excess calories consumed during the day
  • Ideal for ‘nocturnal’ types

Integrative Wellness is the latest industry trend and is focused on meeting the specific health needs of every individual. Exercise Physiologists are the most qualified professionals to prescribe an exercise program that will suite your specific lifestyle requirements.

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