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Whether it’s leg day or rest day, good hydration is essential for good health and it’s even more important if you want to get the most out of your workout and diet. While keeping a water bottle on hand and drinking regularly throughout the day is important, the hydration you get from food still makes up 20 per cent of your water intake – a fifth of your daily hydration needs! If you’re looking to ramp up your summer diet, add these top hydrating foods into your meals today:



The name says it all – made up of over 90 per cent water, watermelon is the perfect thirst quencher that makes up a significant amount of your hydration needs – as well as tasting great! Not only is it water-filled, but this fruit also contains salt, magnesium and calcium, all important for rehydration.



Taking top spot for water ratio, cucumbers are actually 96 per cent water, while having no saturated fat or cholesterol. This makes them the perfect snack for hydrating and health. Pair ‘em with watermelon for a nutrient packed punch!

Leafy greens


The greens you use in salads and sandwiches have lots to offer when it comes to hydration and health. But don’t head for the usual lettuce for your next meal. While lettuce has a lot of water, it doesn’t have much else. Instead, choose cabbage or spinach for a more well-rounded choice.



Well-known as a health food, celery is often on the diet program. Just below cucumber, this veggie contains 95 per cent water, as well as being rich in minerals and high in fibre. While the nutrient levels aren’t as high as other hydrating veggies, the calories are low, perfect as a snack with a low fat dip.



All berries are packed with water, but strawberries top the list if you are focusing on hydration! With over 90 per cent water content and loaded with vitamin C and fibre, strawberries are the perfect sweet treat that is still a healthy choice. If you aren’t as much of a fan of strawberries, try blueberries for the next best thing.



…or coconut water to be specific! Not so much a food, but this is an important addition to the list. As one of the best ways to replace water and electrolytes in the body, coconut water is the new sports drink, also containing high levels of potassium and low levels of carbohydrates.

Your daily water intake

If what you eat makes up a fifth of your hydration needs, how much should you be drinking? Many people go by the rule of 8 glasses or 2 litres a day. However, this isn’t always true and is dependent on your body type, exercise levels, environment and even your gender!

As a general rule of thumb, The Institute of Medicine recommends up to 13 cups for men (approximately 3L) and 9 cups for women (2.2L). If you don’t really want to keep a running tally, just make sure that you drink whenever you feel thirsty and increase this during exercise, with sports drinks and coconut water recommended to get more for less!

To find out your specific hydration needs, talk to an exercise physiologist at Bodytrack to look at unique situation and devise a plan that fits you! Make an enquiry to get started today.