Health Professional? Refer a Patient

Winter is over and this means there is no excuse for achieving some regular bouts of exercise. Ideally, exercise is a year round activity, but for many people the winter months also brings about less daylight hours and colder temperatures which reduce the likelihood of their achieving regular exercise.

It is often tough to pick up the much needed motivation to reignite the exercise flame. One great option is to become involved in a group. Group fitness training offers many positives for improved health, fitness and weight loss. Groups are friendly environments; this means there is no pressure to perform. However, there are other people around you performing similar exercises which provide the opportunity for competition. Friendly competition is a great motivator to keep bringing people back for group fitness training.

When you become a part of a group involved in fitness training there becomes an obligation for attendance. A group will always spur you to work a little harder, push your limits that little extra; inspiring and supporting you to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.

You can even organise your own group. A bunch of friends with similar goals (weight loss, fitness and improved health) is great from a trainer’s perspective. To ensure that every person’s goals are being addressed through the group fitness training, look for your local Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Personal trainers are great motivators and good imagination to provide interesting exercise sessions, however an Accredited Exercise Physiologist has completed a university qualification which provides the fundamental knowledge necessary for addressing a wider range of people with varied goals.

Bodytrack is an Exercise Physiology clinic in Toowong and Sherwood, Brisbane, which provides group fitness training to a wide range of individuals. Once a group has been organised, contact Bodytrack on 07 3870 4119 to arrange fitness training in a fully equipped and local exercise physiology studio.