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Switch up your work out with your personal trainer by taking your session outdoors and give both your mental and physical health a refreshing boost. The human body isn’t designed to stagnate and stay indoors for long periods of time which is where exercising outdoors comes into play. With your dedicated PT pushing you to make the most out of your work out, nothing beats the high doses of feel-good endorphins you can only get from getting sweaty with nature. So we’ve compiled a list of great places to meet your personal trainer in Brisbane so you can get sweaty, get happy and get back into the great outdoors.

Dutton Park (Harmony Gardens)

Two fitness stations combined with a striking view of the local bushland, Harmony Gardens is a fantastic little park to meet up with your trainer and let loose some of those feel good endorphins. Plus there’s plenty to do for the kids with an attractive playground and a large sound sculpture that’ll keep them busy so you and your trainer can focus on getting you quality results.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

One of Brisbane’s most beautiful and popular training spots for a reason, everyday people come to the Botanic Gardens to break away from the inner city hustle to revitalise and refresh the mind and body to work out. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of space to go around for you and your trainer to smash out an intense workout session. For beginners, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens is a great place to start building your fitness as the terrain elevation varies, it’ll challenge you without pushing you to become demotivated.

Kangaroo Point Park

Get ready for a seriously challenging circuit training session that your body will thank you for after the rip roaring muscle pain has died down. The Kangaroo Point Stairs are located at the eastern end of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and with 107 steps from start to finish you’ll definitely be feeling the burn by the end. A truly amazing location to exercise under the guidance of your qualified personal trainer, you’ll see some fantastic results in no time.

Graceville Riverside Parklands

Situated on the banks of the Brisbane River at the junction of Oxley Creek, Graceville Riverside Parklands includes a great range of exercise equipment to allow you and your trainer to vary your exercises and target a different set of muscles with each movement. With a children’s playground near the wood fire BBQ, feel free to bring the kids if you’re short of babysitting options for an active day out for everyone.

Teralba Park – Everton Park

A great park fitted with public toilets, wifi and playground, you and your trainer can take in some Vitamin D and seriously target your upper body at the same time with the Chest Press machine. This park also features a half court basketball court and a bike circuit so you can mix it up every time you come here for a work out.

Decker Park – Brighton

Following the installation of three fitness stations close to the beach front, Decker Park in Brighton has become a great spot for you and your personal trainer to breath in the fresh sea air and mix up your work out to get fantastic results. Fitness stations include;

–         Stretch Station/ Fitness Bench

–         Air Walk/Exercise Bike

–         Ab Bench/Twist Trainer/Chin Up

Plus you can head down to the beach front and use the sand to give your body an intense lower-body burn. With regular workouts at Decker Park, you’ll dramatically increase your fitness in no time at all.