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Happiness and fulfillment can ultimately be achieved through a life that is well-lived and what better way to achieve a blissful existence than to be healthy and active.

One way to improve your health and overall wellbeing is through regular exercise.

The Benefits of Fitness

A physically fit person will obviously be less likely to acquire diseases and conditions. Quality of life is also enhanced when a person is in good shape. For anyone at any life stage, regular exercise can lessen the risks of heart disease and improve the respiratory system. Muscle strength and stamina is also fostered through cardiovascular and toning exercises. Lastly, workout programs can substantially aid a person to recover from disease or damage.

Exercise Physiology for All Ages

One way to ensure you are doing the right kind of workout for your needs and goals is through an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. This type of fitness professional is more than a fitness instructor. An exercise physiologist has completed various courses on sports sciences related to a person’s physical and mental health. They have the experience and knowledge to support individuals in improving their health and happiness, with the qualifications to back it up. Depending on your life stage, an effective fitness program as prescribed by your exercise physiologist can aid towards improving your overall quality of life:

• Children’s Fitness Regimens

Childhood is a crucial stage in a person’s life. There is a lot of development physically and mentally and good health habits should be instilled during this period. Through good habits, the chance of weight problems and emotional issues will be lessened significantly.

• Health Routines for Young Adults

This stage of any individual’s life is filled with bodily changes. Hormones start to kick in, and it is important to maintain a positive attitude and lifestyle to help ease through this difficult time. Exercise can release happy-making hormones called endorphins. This can help with a teen’s self-esteem and mood.

Quarter Life Wellness

Individuals in their 20s typically experience work-related fatigue and new stresses in their daily lives. At this stage of all individuals’ lives, they have more purchasing power which means that they can spoil themselves and tend to choose self-indulgent items, as compared to healthier alternatives. Challenging fitness programs can help de-stress and energise a young adult, as well as prevent weight gain.

Vigour in Parenthood

Rearing a family can take on a heavy toll on one’s fitness. For new parents, the priority is to get back in shape and be agile enough to carry out errands that contribute towards the family. An effective exercise plan can help with these problems.

Physical Programs for Seniors

As your body ages, more ailments arise, such as arthritis, fatigue and joint pain. Through customised exercise, seniors can reduce any pain and increase energy so they can live a longer, healthier life.

Exercising is more than just losing weight, its about being healthy and happy. To learn more or to talk to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, call Bodytrack on (07) 3870 4119 today.