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Lower back pain is possibly the most common complaint in today’s society and there can be any number of reasons for its occurrence. If there was no particular time in which a particular movement or a traumatic injury caused lasting pain then the problem is likely to be a result of muscle imbalances if it’s not genetic or structural deficiencies. The typical cause of this back pain is the presence of tight muscles along the spine, hips and back of the leg, combined with weak and inactive core and gluteus muscles. Exercises that reactivate the gluteus muscles, combined with various stretches, often have positive results. It is ideal to have a proper musculoskeletal assessment performed by a Physiotherapist or an Exercise Physiologist to determine what particular muscles are tight/ weak/ overactive to determine an appropriate approach to remedying the pain. For further information on exercises for lower back pain, please call Bodytrack Health and Fitness on 07 3870 4119