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It is not surprising that exercise isn’t the first thought for those recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). While it might not be top of the list; it should be a high priority.

Despite all the benefits of exercise, the vast majority of people living with MS are held back by both physical and mental barriers.

Currently, 80% of people living with MS do not meet the physical activity recommendations.

An Exercise Physiologist can help!

An Exercise Physiologist is a University trained professional with the knowledge and skills to help people living with chronic conditions to exercise. We utilise exercise as medicine!

Historically, exercise was believed to do more harm than good for those with MS. However, there is ample research to support the long list of benefits! Whether you have been living with the condition for years or only recently diagnosed, exercise can be the tool to gain independence, strength and empowerment.


A few reasons to start exercising!

  • Fatigue – tailored exercise can be used as a tool for management of fatigue
  • Reduced cardiovascular health – a personalised exercise intervention can increase your cardiovascular fitness, furthermore, improving your heart health will assist in reducing the risk of developing comorbidities associated with poor cardiovascular health.
  • Poor muscle strength, endurance, and neural drive – guided strength training can help to maintain neural drive and manage neuromuscular fatigue. It will also help develop muscle mass and muscular endurance to assist in activities of daily living.
  • Changes to balance, gait, and posture – your EP can develop a tailored program to slow the progression of these changes.
  • Increased risk of developing secondary conditions; diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Exercise will help to reduce the risk of developing these conditions.

So, when is the best time to start?

We know that supervised tailored exercise prescription can be life changing for those living with Multiple Sclerosis! Like anything, the earlier we start the better! An Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help by prescribing exercises that are going to benefit you without exacerbating symptoms.


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