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In a world obsessed with body image, the pressure is on to achieve the perfect body. Everybody seems to want a toned and muscular body and there are many ways in which to achieve better health and a better body. However, many methods of exercise do not give the body a full and total workout meaning that for many sports, only one or two main muscle groups receive the benefit of a workout. It is because of this limitation to regular fitness exercises and sports that many people choose to take part in circuit training.

Whilst completing the circuits the aim is to keep moving from one exercise to another, thus keeping the heart rate up. This will have the same effect on the body as running miles on a treadmill may have. This is great news for people who are trying to lose weight, not only will circuit training keep challenging the body in different ways but it will also build strength and help people to lose weight too! Circuit training is also a lot more interesting than running for hours or exercising in a repetitive way. Circuit training keeps the mind active also with many different challenges to take on and many different muscles to focus on in the body.

Circuit training can be adapted to any workout space and can be completed in the minimum amount of time. This therefore means that maximum effects can be reached within the minimum amount of time. A circuit can be personalised for any person and can be adapted for beginners or for experts. Large numbers of people can participate in circuit training and the difficulty level of each circuit can be adjusted according to how people are coping with each circuit. What is more, circuit training can be done anywhere and at any time.