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If the idea of a cardio session is enough to turn you into a couch potato, let Bodytrack hit you with enough motivation to get you moving again. We’ve even put together a list of some great running routes in Toowong starting from your Bodytrack fitness centre.

But before that, let’s arm you with some facts:

  • If you’re looking for that super trim body, cardio is your go-to exercise to burn off those extra calories.
  • Physically speaking, cardio will not only do wonders for your heart health, but it will also boost your mental productivity by enhancing memory, problem solving and decision making functions in no time at all.
  • Feeling down? Cardio is perfect for lowering stress levels, clearing your head and shaking off what’s bringing you down.
  • Try adding some fasted cardio training into your workout plan. The idea behind fasted cardio is that you get up in the morning and go for a run before enjoying your breakfast. It’s a great way to target stubborn fat in conjunction with a healthy eating regime.

Bodytrack to Anzac Park – 2.08km

Great for beginner runners, this little 2km sprint will easily get your heart rate up. Looping around Anzac Park will provide a good break from the suburban views.


  • Start at Body Track (6/33 Woodstock Road Toowong, QLD 4066)
  • Head West along Woodstock Road and turn right onto Dean Street
  • Loop around Anzac Park
  • Turn right from Wool Street back onto Dean Street


Bodytrack to Brisbane River – 3.12km

Increasing the length by just over 1km to make your run slightly more challenging, this route will take you to the Brisbane River before looping back to Bodytrack.


  • Start at Body Track
  • Head South East along Woodstock Road towards Sherwood Road
  • Continue along Sherwood Road until you get to Coronation Drive to enjoy the river view!
  • Loop back around via Sylvan Road
  • Turn left onto Jephson Street
  • Turn right onto Ascog Terrace and down Pioneer Street
  • Turn right onto Woodstock Road and you’re back at Bodytrack


Bodytrack to Brisbane Botanic Gardens – 4.56km

Upping the ante with a 4.5km dash, you reap what you sow with a revitalising loop around the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. This run will have your endorphins kicking in for the rest of the day and bringing your energy up to an all-time high.


  • Start at Bodytrack and head towards Mt Cootha on Woodstock Road until it joins up to Dean Street.
  • Run North along Dean Street passing Anzac Park and along Mount Cootha Road.
  • Loop around the Botanic Gardens linking back up to Mount Cootha Road.
  • Run back along Dean Street onto Woodstock Road arriving back at Bodytrack.

While cardio is an integral part of your exercise plan, we recommend it’s performed in conjunction with weight training under the guidance of a qualified trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. Come into Bodytrack today and let our friendly team of experts change your life for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Get that playlist ready on your iPod and start chasing those endorphins!