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5 of the best types of Cardio for Summer

With summer just around the corner and it likely to be a scorcher, we thought we would give you some top tips and some great cardio exercises to keep you going in the summer heat.

Before we get in to that however, let’s go through why cardio is good in the first place:

  • After a super trim body for the summer beach look? Get started now, as cardio is the best form of exercise to burn off those extra calories – particularly since the Christmas indulgence period is just around the corner.
  • Cardio has also been proven to do wonders for both your heart’s health but mental health too. Not only will it aid your memory but ability to solve problems and be more decisive.
  • Had a bad day? Cardio is the best form of exercise to combat stress levels, allowing you to clear your head, focus on your workout and leave the stresses of work behind.
  • Fasted Cardio, i.e. on an empty stomach is a great way to target stubborn fats. Try getting out for an early morning workout before breakfast to beat the heat.
  • If you’re also doing weight training, then cardio is a great way to warm up the muscle groups you are targeting specifically that day.

Now you know why you should be doing cardio workouts, what are the best types for summer?

1. Running

One of the most popular and convenient forms of cardio is running. It’s the inexpensive form of cardio that helps to improve both heart and bone health whilst burning kilojoules fast. Going out for a run before breakfast or at dusk pre-evening meal will be a great way to do Fasted Cardio whilst avoiding the heat. Check out our list of best running loops in Toowong from our Bodytrack fitness centre here.

2. Swimming

Stay cool while getting fit and make time for a daily swim down at the community pool. Swimming offers a full body workout, proving great for your heart’s health and upper body area, especially focusing on the back, shoulder and arms muscle groups. Increase the number of laps you do daily to set yourself a target whilst increasing your fitness. You can even use swimming as a warm up exercise if you want to do weight training on your upper body. Not sure where your local pool is? Then check out the Brisbane City Council’s Pool Locator here.

3. Boxing

Perhaps one of the best stress relievers is boxing. Punch your problems away in this high intensity cardio workout that will leave you dripping in sweat. Usually indoors and within the A/C, boxing classes can vary from sparing with a partner to air punching gloveless. Boxing is great for toning your arms whilst helping to trim down your tummy. A great workout for shaded areas in the park if you want to get outside or at our Bodytrack facilities indoors.

4. Circuit / Aerobic Classes

Whether you are a serious cardio cruncher or a fitness beginner, indoor aerobic and circuit classes provide you with a cool place to keep moving. Usually led by an instructor and within a group setting, these classes are highly motivational with comradery and music being huge drivers to keep you raising your heart rate. If you’re after a more one-on-one session, personal training classes may be the route for you.


5. Rowing

If you are an early riser than rowing may be the cardio choice for you. Getting up early and out on the water before sunrise will get your workout in before the heat really kicks in. It’s a more low-impact alternative to running in the sense that it puts less strain on your legs but can also aid with muscle building in the back, shoulders and abdomen. You can either take to the waters outdoors but if you think you’re the kind of person to say yes to a ‘sleep in’ after day 1, rowing machines are commonly found indoors too.


6. Cycling

Okay, so we know we have thrown another form in the mix here, but cycling is a great way to lose the belly bulge and cut down those love handles that we can’t forget about. Similar to running, cycling is a great cardio workout to raise your heart rate and with so many cycle paths around Brisbane, it’s a great form of exercise to do in the city.


So what are you waiting for? With so many choices available, give yourself some motivation, ‘rise and shine’ early and achieve the results you want this summer. Mix and match or stick to one option, to help you achieve your body and fitness goals, whether that’s a super trim body for the beach or a few inches of your waist, you’re in control.

REMEMBER: If you are exercising outside remember to slop on sunscreen, slip on a shirt and slap on a hat.